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Product Overview

Mohawk Grain Filler is intended to fill pores of open-grained wood, such as oak, walnut and mahogany, and to provide a foundation for other Mohawk products. The resin filler combination has been selected to achieve maximum filling and shortest recoat interval. Mohawk Grain Filler provides an excellent foundation for lacquer and varnish finishes.

  • Higher in solids for improved fill properties
  • Slower drying resins for increased lubricity, making it easier to work
  • Increased levels of color pigment for improved color performance
  • To customize Grain Filler Colors, add the Universal Colors supplied by Mohawk to obtain the desired color

Application Tips

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Qty SKU Number Description Color UOM List Price
M608-1066 Grain Filler Solvent Qt EA $22.12
M608-1067 Grain Filler Solvent Gal EA $61.83
M608-4206 Grain Filler Natural Qt EA $19.25
M608-4207 Grain Filler Natural Gal EA $53.69
M608-4216 Grain Filler Black Qt EA $19.25
M608-4217 Grain Filler Black Gal EA $53.69
M608-4226 Grain Filler Medium Walnut Qt EA $19.25
M608-4227 Grain Filler Medium Walnut Gal EA $53.69
M608-4236 Grain Filler Mahogany Qt EA $19.25
M608-4237 Grain Filler Mahogany Gal EA $53.69

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