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Fil-StikŪ Putty Sticks

Touch-Up Fillers/Wood Fillers

Technical Documentation

Product Overview

Fil-StikŪ Putty Sticks are semi-hard putty sticks used to fill in nicks and scratches or open corner joints. Can be protected with Tone FinishŪ aerosols or other coatings. No heat or special tools required, simply rub in and wipe off. Custom color matching available with minimum order of 72 pieces per color.

Application Tips

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Qty SKU Number Description Color UOM List Price
M230-0001 Fil-StikŪ Sm Saddle EA $2.43
M230-0002 Fil-StikŪ Sm Stone EA $2.43
M230-0003 Fil-StikŪ Sm Shale EA $2.43
M230-0004 Fil-StikŪ Cranberry EA $2.43
M230-0005 Fil-StikŪ 367 Sharkfin EA $2.43
M230-0006 Fil-StikŪ 346 Silverado EA $2.43
M230-0007 Fil-StikŪ Morel EA $2.43
M230-0008 Fil-StikŪ Thatch EA $2.43
M230-0009 Fil-StikŪ Whiskey Black EA $2.43
M230-0010 Fil-StikŪ Seal EA $2.43
M230-0012 Fil-StikŪ Storm EA $2.43
M230-0016 Fil-StikŪ Sm Marshmallow Cream EA $2.43
M230-0017 Fil-StikŪ Sm Slate/Morel EA $2.43
M230-0026 Fil-StikŪ Snowdrift Kmc #pt200 EA $2.43
M230-0027 Fil-StikŪ Nebulous Gray Kmc #pt220 EA $2.43
M230-0028 Fil-StikŪ Mission Wall Kmc #pt250 EA $2.43
M230-0029 Fil-StikŪ Grey Maple EA $2.43
M230-0030 Fil-StikŪ Whiskey Barrel Kmc #sn236 EA $2.43
M230-0031 Fil-StikŪ Autumn Harvest Kmc #sn235 EA $2.43
M230-0032 Fil-StikŪ Cappuccino Brown Kmc #sn273 EA $2.43
M230-0033 Fil-StikŪ Grey Wolf Kmc #sn247 EA $2.43
M230-0034 Fil-StikŪ Espresso Kmc #sn238 EA $2.43
M230-0035 Fil-StikŪ Gun Metal Grey Kmc #pt215 EA $2.43
M230-0036 Fil-StikŪ Repose Grey EA $2.43
M230-0037 Fil-StikŪ Dove/Dover White Swp EA $2.43
M230-0046 Fil-StikŪ Coconut/Cotton/Brie/Heavy Cream EA $2.43
M230-0047 Fil-StikŪ Fashion Gray EA $2.43
M230-0048 Fil-StikŪ Atlantis Blue EA $2.43
M230-0049 Fil-StikŪ North Sea EA $2.43
M230-0050 Fil-StikŪ Burnt Sienna Kmc #sn210 EA $2.43
M230-0051 Fil-StikŪ English Leather Kmc #sn212 EA $2.43
M230-0052 Fil-StikŪ Midnight Mystique Kmc #sn280 EA $2.43
M230-0053 Fil-StikŪ Burgundy Trace Kmc #sn274 EA $2.43
M230-0054 Fil-StikŪ Crimson Rose Kmc #sn292 EA $2.43
M230-0055 Fil-StikŪ Crystal Fog EA $2.43
M230-0056 Fil-StikŪ Sorrel Sky Kmc #sn295 EA $2.43
M230-0057 Fil-StikŪ Platinum Grey Kmc #pt255 EA $2.43
M230-0058 Fil-StikŪ Driftwood Kmc #sn272 EA $2.43
M230-0059 Fil-StikŪ Wedgestone Kmc #pt290 EA $2.43
M230-0061 Fil-StikŪ River Rock Kmc #pt225 EA $2.43
M230-0062 Fil-StikŪ Vanilla Souffle Kmc #pt230 EA $2.43
M230-0064 Fil-StikŪ Hearty Rye Kmc #sn200 EA $2.43
M230-0065 Fil-StikŪ Golden Nutmeg Kmc #sn230 EA $2.43
M230-0066 Fil-StikŪ Blue Ridge Kmc #sn290 EA $2.43
M230-0067 Fil-StikŪ Aged Bronze Kmc #sn202 EA $2.43
M230-0068 Fil-StikŪ Spruce Ridge Kmc #sn255 EA $2.43
M230-0069 Fil-StikŪ Misty Bayou Kmc #pt210 EA $2.43
M230-0070 Fil-StikŪ Eiffel Tower Kmc #pt235 EA $2.43
M230-0071 Fil-StikŪ Royal Sapphire Kmc #sn240 EA $2.43
M230-0072 Fil-StikŪ Classic Chestnut Kmc #sn260 EA $2.43
M230-0073 Fil-StikŪ Tawny Beechnut Kmc #sn286 EA $2.43
M230-0074 Fil-StikŪ Oiled Saddle Kmc #sn271 EA $2.43
M230-0080 Fil-StikŪ Argent Oak EA $2.43
M230-0081 Fil-StikŪ Silver Elm EA $2.43
M230-0083 Fil-StikŪ Sand EA $2.43
M230-0085 Fil-StikŪ Cashmere/Pearl EA $2.43
M230-0086 Fil-StikŪ Cloud EA $2.43
M230-0087 Fil-StikŪ Dover EA $2.43
M230-0088 Fil-StikŪ Forest Floor EA $2.43
M230-0090 Fil-StikŪ White/Picket Fence EA $2.43
M230-0095 Fil-StikŪ Egret/Khaki EA $2.43
M230-0098 Fil-StikŪ Fossil/Moonstone EA $2.43
M230-0100 Fil-StikŪ Natural EA $2.43
M230-0101 Fil-StikŪ Natural Amber EA $2.43
M230-0102 Fil-StikŪ Natural Tone EA $2.43
M230-0103 Fil-StikŪ Flagstone EA $2.43
M230-0104 Fil-StikŪ Clay EA $2.43
M230-0105 Fil-StikŪ Mineral EA $2.43
M230-0106 Fil-StikŪ Bark EA $2.43
M230-0107 Fil-StikŪ Baltic 9730500d78c EA $2.43
M230-0108 Fil-StikŪ Cannon Grey 9730500d81o EA $2.43
M230-0110 Fil-StikŪ Moonshine/Mist EA $2.43
M230-0111 Fil-StikŪ Linen EA $2.43
M230-0113 Fil-StikŪ Pebble Grey EA $2.43
M230-0114 Fil-StikŪ Pebble Grey Glaze EA $2.43
M230-0115 Fil-StikŪ Deep Mahogany EA $2.43
M230-0118 Fil-StikŪ Cashmere Aw EA $2.43
M230-0119 Fil-StikŪ Linear Bronze EA $2.43
M230-0120 Fil-StikŪ Ash Mc EA $2.43
M230-0121 Fil-StikŪ Espresso EA $2.43
M230-0122 Fil-StikŪ Modern Gray EA $2.43
M230-0124 Fil-StikŪ Accessible Beige EA $2.43
M230-0126 Fil-StikŪ Belle Silver B/D650 EA $2.43
M230-0127 Fil-StikŪ Blueberry EA $2.43
M230-0128 Fil-StikŪ Platinum EA $2.43
M230-0129 Fil-StikŪ Polar EA $2.43
M230-0130 Fil-StikŪ Soft White EA $2.43
M230-0131 Fil-StikŪ Arctic EA $2.43
M230-0133 Fil-StikŪ Gloss Steel EA $2.43
M230-0135 Fil-StikŪ Dovetail EA $2.43
M230-0136 Fil-StikŪ Eggshell/Divine White Swp EA $2.43
M230-0140 Fil-StikŪ Navel Blue EA $2.43
M230-0144 Fil-StikŪ Shaker Grey EA $2.43
M230-0147 Fil-StikŪ Olivet B560 EA $2.43
M230-0148 Fil-StikŪ Dovetail Gray EA $2.43
M230-0149 Fil-StikŪ Sable EA $2.43
M230-0150 Fil-StikŪ Coffee EA $2.43
M230-0151 Fil-StikŪ WW Espresso EA $2.43
M230-0152 Fil-StikŪ Silas/Driftwood Swp EA $2.43
M230-0154 Fil-StikŪ C12 Petal EA $2.43
M230-0155 Fil-StikŪ C31 Daffodil EA $2.43
M230-0165 Fil-StikŪ Graphite EA $2.43
M230-0169 Fil-StikŪ Red Cherry/Cayenne Swp EA $2.43
M230-0170 Fil-StikŪ Cocoa EA $2.43
M230-0171 Fil-StikŪ Dark Elm EA $2.43
M230-0172 Fil-StikŪ Grey Echo EA $2.43
M230-0173 Fil-StikŪ Natural Elm EA $2.43
M230-0174 Fil-StikŪ Morning Fog EA $2.43
M230-0175 Fil-StikŪ Sea Gull EA $2.43
M230-0176 Fil-StikŪ Carbon EA $2.43
M230-0177 Fil-StikŪ Spice EA $2.43
M230-0178 Fil-StikŪ Heatherstone EA $2.43
M230-0179 Fil-StikŪ River Rock EA $2.43
M230-0180 Fil-StikŪ Medium Cherry EA $2.43
M230-0181 Fil-StikŪ Mindful Gray EA $2.43
M230-0182 Fil-StikŪ WW Cashmere EA $2.43
M230-0183 Fil-StikŪ Harbor EA $2.43
M230-0184 Fil-StikŪ Chocolate EA $2.43
M230-0185 Fil-StikŪ Black Forest EA $2.43
M230-0186 Fil-StikŪ Nautical Blue Kmc #pt205 EA $2.43
M230-0187 Fil-StikŪ Sm Frost EA $2.43
M230-0188 Fil-StikŪ Havana EA $2.43
M230-0189 Fil-StikŪ Sahara EA $2.43
M230-0190 Fil-StikŪ Coffee Maple EA $2.43
M230-0191 Fil-StikŪ Autumn/Autumn Ma Ch Swp EA $2.43
M230-0192 Fil-StikŪ Dorian Gray EA $2.43
M230-0193 Fil-StikŪ Espresso Swp EA $2.43
M230-0194 Fil-StikŪ Harvest Swp EA $2.43
M230-0195 Fil-StikŪ Peppercorn Gray Wash EA $2.43
M230-0197 Fil-StikŪ Rockport Gray Wash/Sm Tarragon EA $2.43
M230-0198 Fil-StikŪ Soft Cream EA $2.43
M230-0199 Fil-StikŪ White II EA $2.43
M230-0200 Fil-StikŪ Buckskin EA $2.43
M230-0201 Fil-StikŪ Bordeaux EA $2.43
M230-0202 Fil-StikŪ White EA $2.43
M230-0203 Fil-StikŪ Cadet EA $2.43
M230-0204 Fil-StikŪ Harbor WW EA $2.43
M230-0205 Fil-StikŪ Billowy Breeze Swp EA $2.38
M230-0206 Fil-StikŪ Light Walnut EA $2.43
M230-0207 Fil-StikŪ Medium Brown Walnut EA $2.43
M230-0209 Fil-StikŪ Extra Dark Walnut EA $2.43
M230-0210 Fil-StikŪ London Skyline Kmc Pt275 EA $2.43
M230-0211 Fil-StikŪ Storm Cloud Kmc Sn249 EA $2.43
M230-0212 Fil-StikŪ Molasses EA $2.43
M230-0213 Fil-StikŪ Lagoon EA $2.43
M230-0214 Fil-StikŪ Surfside EA $2.43
M230-0215 Fil-StikŪ Cherry Slate EA $2.43
M230-0216 Fil-StikŪ Pure White Swp EA $2.43
M230-0217 Fil-StikŪ Dove Tail Swp EA $2.43
M230-0218 Fil-StikŪ Light Red Mahogany/Cranberry EA $2.43
M230-0219 Fil-StikŪ Oyster Swp EA $2.43
M230-0220 Fil-StikŪ Graphite Swp EA $2.43
M230-0222 Fil-StikŪ Blonde EA $2.43
M230-0223 Fil-StikŪ Pecan Swp EA $2.43
M230-0224 Fil-StikŪ Black/Java/Black Swp EA $2.43
M230-0225 Fil-StikŪ Maple Rock EA $2.43
M230-0226 Fil-StikŪ Aged River Rock EA $2.43
M230-0227 Fil-StikŪ Dark Red Mahogany EA $2.43
M230-0228 Fil-StikŪ Aged Concrete EA $2.43
M230-0229 Fil-StikŪ Brown Mahogany/Toffee EA $2.43
M230-0230 Fil-StikŪ Aged Papyrus EA $2.43
M230-0231 Fil-StikŪ Extra White Swp EA $2.43
M230-0233 Fil-StikŪ Wheat EA $2.43
M230-0234 Fil-StikŪ Medium Dark Walnut EA $2.43
M230-0236 Fil-StikŪ Maple Brown/Cappucino EA $2.43
M230-0237 Fil-StikŪ Medium Rock Maple EA $2.43
M230-0239 Fil-StikŪ Bonsai EA $2.43
M230-0240 Fil-StikŪ Colonial Maple/Toffee EA $2.43
M230-0242 Fil-StikŪ Burmese EA $2.43
M230-0243 Fil-StikŪ Smokey Blue Swp EA $2.43
M230-0244 Fil-StikŪ Linen Swp EA $2.43
M230-0245 Fil-StikŪ Light Mocha Swp EA $2.43
M230-0246 Fil-StikŪ Sandstone Swp EA $2.43
M230-0252 Fil-StikŪ Merlot Hi Ch Swp EA $2.43
M230-0253 Fil-StikŪ Russet Swp EA $2.43
M230-0254 Fil-StikŪ Coffee Oa Ch Ru Swp EA $2.43
M230-0255 Fil-StikŪ Midnight Swp Hi Oa Ch Ra EA $2.43
M230-0256 Fil-StikŪ Brandy Swp EA $2.43
M230-0257 Fil-StikŪ Tawny Hi Oa Ch Ra Swp EA $2.43
M230-0258 Fil-StikŪ Dusk Swp Ma Oa Ra EA $2.43
M230-0259 Fil-StikŪ Translucent Silversmith EA $2.43
M230-0260 Fil-StikŪ Translucent Powder Grey EA $2.43
M230-0261 Fil-StikŪ Translucent Limestone EA $2.43
M230-0262 Fil-StikŪ Rocky Mountain Sky EA $2.43
M230-0263 Fil-StikŪ Cattail EA $2.43
M230-0264 Fil-StikŪ Medium Cherry EA $2.43
M230-0265 Fil-StikŪ Cider EA $2.43
M230-0266 Fil-StikŪ Palomino EA $2.43
M230-0267 Fil-StikŪ Cherry Autumn EA $2.43
M230-0268 Fil-StikŪ Light Greige Swp EA $2.43
M230-0269 Fil-StikŪ Dusk Cherry Swp EA $2.38
M230-0271 Fil-StikŪ Hazelnut Swp Natural Cherry Swp EA $2.38
M230-0273 Fil-StikŪ Gauntlet Gray Swp EA $2.38
M230-0275 Fil-StikŪ Seafoam/Creme EA $2.43
M230-0276 Fil-StikŪ Naval Swp EA $2.38
M230-0277 Fil-StikŪ Gray Paper Swp EA $2.43
M230-0278 Fil-StikŪ Dark Greige Swp EA $2.38
M230-0281 Fil-StikŪ Kodiak EA $2.38
M230-0282 Fil-StikŪ Grizzly EA $2.38
M230-0283 Fil-StikŪ Jasper Swp EA $2.38
M230-0284 Fil-StikŪ Heron Plume Swp EA $2.38
M230-0285 Fil-StikŪ Cedar Swp EA $2.38
M230-0286 Fil-StikŪ Maple Rye EA $2.38
M230-0287 Fil-StikŪ Signature Pearl (sl) EA $2.38
M230-0288 Fil-StikŪ Boulder EA $2.43
M230-0289 Fil-StikŪ Urbane Bronze Swp EA $2.43
M230-0290 Fil-StikŪ Van Dyke Brown Kmc Sn229 EA $2.43
M230-0300 Fil-StikŪ Fontana-New/Natural Alder Swp/Harvest EA $2.43
M230-0303 Fil-StikŪ Beige Tone EA $2.43
M230-0307 Fil-StikŪ Heartwood Cherry EA $2.43
M230-0329 Fil-StikŪ Fiesta EA $2.43
M230-0330 Fil-StikŪ Sand Stone EA $2.43
M230-0331 Fil-StikŪ Pickle Frost EA $2.43
M230-0332 Fil-StikŪ Light Nordic Oak EA $2.43
M230-0333 Fil-StikŪ Heritage Oak EA $2.43
M230-0334 Fil-StikŪ Off White EA $2.43
M230-0358 Fil-StikŪ Dark Walnut EA $2.43
M230-0360 Fil-StikŪ Honey Maple EA $2.43
M230-0401 Fil-StikŪ Almond/Interior Putty EA $2.43
M230-0402 Fil-StikŪ Champagne EA $2.43
M230-0408 Fil-StikŪ Cherry/Nutmeg EA $2.43
M230-0411 Fil-StikŪ Nutmeg EA $2.43
M230-0412 Fil-StikŪ Antique White EA $2.43
M230-0415 Fil-StikŪ Light Golden Oak EA $2.43
M230-0503 Fil-StikŪ Driftwood EA $2.43
M230-0504 Fil-StikŪ Winter Pine EA $2.43
M230-10273 Fil-StikŪ Cashmere EA $2.43
M230-10409 Fil-StikŪ Vanilla Bean Glaze 9730500vg EA $2.43
M230-10442 Fil-StikŪ Cream Satin 9730500cs EA $2.43
M230-10571 Fil-StikŪ Gloss White Uc EA $2.43
M230-10640 Fil-StikŪ Maple Chocolate Uc EA $2.43
M230-10642 Fil-StikŪ Rustic Cherry Uc EA $2.43
M230-10673 Fil-StikŪ Biscotti W/Cocoa 9730500igm EA $2.43
M230-10867 Fil-StikŪ Canvas 9730500cvm EA $2.43
M230-10868 Fil-StikŪ Biscotti 9730500bso EA $2.43
M230-10869 Fil-StikŪ Dove White 9730500dwm EA $2.43
M230-10874 Fil-StikŪ Beech White Uc EA $2.43
M230-10887 Fil-StikŪ Stone Uc EA $2.43
M230-10945 Fil-StikŪ Torino Sable Walnut Uc EA $2.43
M230-11020 Fil-StikŪ Old World Eggshell Uc EA $2.43
M230-11030 Fil-StikŪ Willow 9730500wlom EA $2.43
M230-11047 Fil-StikŪ Ice Uc EA $2.43
M230-11290 Fil-StikŪ Mushroom 9730500a11 EA $2.43
M230-11291 Fil-StikŪ Willow W/Cocoa 9730500a19 EA $2.43
M230-11292 Fil-StikŪ Dove White W/Cocoa 9730500a15 EA $2.43
M230-11458 Fil-StikŪ Truffle Uc/Creekside/Flagstone Swp/Mid Greige EA $2.43
M230-11654 Fil-StikŪ Greyloft W/Sable 9730500b66m/Sterling EA $2.43
M230-11657 Fil-StikŪ Midnight W/Onyx 9730500b70m EA $2.43
M230-11702 Fil-StikŪ Mink & Kona Uc EA $2.43
M230-11707 Fil-StikŪ Storm Gray On Red Birch Uc EA $2.43
M230-11708 Fil-StikŪ Storm Gray On Alder Uc EA $2.43
M230-11709 Fil-StikŪ Storm Gray On Bamboo Uc EA $2.43
M230-11768 Fil-StikŪ Pebble Grey/ Shale 9730500b83m EA $2.43
M230-11772 Fil-StikŪ Husk 9730500b82o EA $2.43
M230-11854 Fil-StikŪ Melted Brie Uc EA $2.43
M230-11858 Fil-StikŪ Rag And Bone Uc EA $2.43
M230-11860 Fil-StikŪ Lunar Gray Uc EA $2.43
M230-11902 Fil-StikŪ Hazel 9730500c16c EA $2.43
M230-11903 Fil-StikŪ Chai 9730500c29m EA $2.43
M230-1200 Fil-StikŪ 12 Pack Assortment EA $28.41
M230-1210 Fil-StikŪ Maple/Walnut 12 Pack Assortment EA $28.41
M230-12180 Fil-StikŪ Cc Cardinal EA $2.43
M230-12184 Fil-StikŪ Cc White EA $2.43
M230-12185 Fil-StikŪ Cc Icing EA $2.43
M230-12186 Fil-StikŪ Cc Cream EA $2.43
M230-1220 Fil-StikŪ 12 Pack Light Assortment EA $28.41
M230-12269 Fil-StikŪ Maple Java EA $2.43
M230-12270 Fil-StikŪ Bright White EA $2.43
M230-12273 Fil-StikŪ Alabaster EA $2.43
M230-1230 Fil-StikŪ 12 Pack Light Gray Assortment EA $28.41
M230-12346 Fil-StikŪ Honey Maple Espresso EA $2.43
M230-1240 Fil-StikŪ 12 Pack Medium/Dark Gray Assortment EA $28.41
M230-12488 Fil-StikŪ Mineral Gray EA $2.43
M230-1250 Fil-StikŪ 12 Pack Standard Assortment EA $28.41
M230-1500 Fil-StikŪ Aegean Mist EA $2.43
M230-1502 Fil-StikŪ Eggnog EA $2.43
M230-1503 Fil-StikŪ English Ivy (grn) EA $2.43
M230-1504 Fil-StikŪ Ivory Creme EA $2.43
M230-1505 Fil-StikŪ Moss Green EA $2.43
M230-1506 Fil-StikŪ Provincial White EA $2.43
M230-1507 Fil-StikŪ Mushroom EA $2.43
M230-1508 Fil-StikŪ Pearl/Gunsmoke Swp EA $2.43
M230-1509 Fil-StikŪ Royal Blue/Hale Navy Swp EA $2.43
M230-1516 Fil-StikŪ Pine/Butterscotch EA $2.43
M230-1522 Fil-StikŪ Statesman Oak EA $2.43
M230-1530 Fil-StikŪ Peppercorn EA $2.43
M230-2000 Fil-StikŪ Stone EA $2.43
M230-2001 Fil-StikŪ Ash EA $2.43
M230-2052 Fil-StikŪ Medium Oak/Toffee EA $2.43
M230-2400 Fil-StikŪ 24 Pack Furniture Store Assortment EA $56.80
M230-4000 Fil-StikŪ Toasted Cinnamon 9730500tcm EA $2.43
M230-4001 Fil-StikŪ Pepper 9730500pp EA $2.43
M230-4002 Fil-StikŪ Maize Oak 9730500meo EA $2.43
M230-4003 Fil-StikŪ Paprika 9730500pkm/Truffle Swp EA $2.43
M230-4004 Fil-StikŪ Butternut 9730500bnm EA $2.43
M230-4005 Fil-StikŪ Ginger #9730500gm EA $2.43
M230-4006 Fil-StikŪ Bronze/Oak EA $2.43
M230-4007 Fil-StikŪ Chestnut EA $2.43
M230-4008 Fil-StikŪ Nutmeg/Cherry EA $2.43
M230-4009 Fil-StikŪ Natural Hickory EA $2.43
M230-4010 Fil-StikŪ Natural Oak/Oak EA $2.43
M230-4011 Fil-StikŪ Paprika EA $2.43
M230-4012 Fil-StikŪ Fawn Glaze 9730500fzm EA $2.43
M230-4013 Fil-StikŪ Mocha Glaze 9730500mmz/Nutmeg Alder Swp EA $2.43
M230-4014 Fil-StikŪ Nutmeg/Autumn Hi Ro Qs Ra Swp EA $2.43
M230-4015 Fil-StikŪ Natural Cherry EA $2.43
M230-4016 Fil-StikŪ Honey Spice #9730500hs EA $2.43
M230-4017 Fil-StikŪ Cider EA $2.43
M230-4018 Fil-StikŪ Chili Pepper EA $2.43
M230-4019 Fil-StikŪ Harvest EA $2.43
M230-4020 Fil-StikŪ Parchment 9730500a23 EA $2.43
M230-4021 Fil-StikŪ Caramel 9730500crm EA $2.43
M230-4022 Fil-StikŪ Chickory #9730500cg EA $2.43
M230-4023 Fil-StikŪ Cinnamon 9730500cnac EA $2.43
M230-4024 Fil-StikŪ Amber/Amber Oak Swp EA $2.43
M230-4025 Fil-StikŪ Slate/Dusk 9730500slt/2835295 EA $2.43
M230-4026 Fil-StikŪ Fawn #9730500fn EA $2.43
M230-4027 Fil-StikŪ Bcjc-1/Cinnamon Sugar EA $2.43
M230-4028 Fil-StikŪ Cognac Hickory 9730500coh EA $2.43
M230-4029 Fil-StikŪ Slate Grey EA $2.43
M230-4030 Fil-StikŪ Gardenia 31-1000-506 EA $2.43
M230-4031 Fil-StikŪ Ebony Mist 2885631/12564787/4872669 EA $2.43
M230-4032 Fil-StikŪ Cordovan/Paprika EA $2.43
M230-4033 Fil-StikŪ English Saddle 2885641/12564878/8906349 EA $2.43
M230-4034 Fil-StikŪ Cafe 114049 EA $2.43
M230-4035 Fil-StikŪ Praline EA $2.43
M230-4036 Fil-StikŪ Natural Maple EA $2.43
M230-4037 Fil-StikŪ Cherry Cider 2885630/12564761/4099446 EA $2.43
M230-4038 Fil-StikŪ Oak/Hickory Lt Natural 2885626/1088459/12564944 EA $2.43
M230-4039 Fil-StikŪ Artisan Bronze 2885643/12564894/4872701 EA $2.43
M230-4040 Fil-StikŪ Oasis O.A. EA $2.43
M230-4041 Fil-StikŪ Burgundy EA $2.43
M230-4042 Fil-StikŪ Sunset #9730500su EA $2.43
M230-4043 Fil-StikŪ Hickory Natural Dark 2885624/12564928/4231452 EA $2.43
M230-4044 Fil-StikŪ Cabernet #9730500cbn/Chestnut Oa Qs Ch Swp EA $2.43
M230-4045 Fil-StikŪ Royal EA $2.43
M230-4046 Fil-StikŪ Natural #9730500na EA $2.43
M230-4047 Fil-StikŪ Ginger Glaze #9730500gnm EA $2.43
M230-4048 Fil-StikŪ Sunrise/Sienna Swp EA $2.43
M230-4049 Fil-StikŪ Toffee #9730500tf EA $2.43
M230-4050 Fil-StikŪ Maple Paprika 2885639/12564852/4775557 EA $2.43
M230-4051 Fil-StikŪ Chocolate Cherry/Cognac Maple #9730500czc EA $2.43
M230-4052 Fil-StikŪ Mirage EA $2.43
M230-4053 Fil-StikŪ Oak Medium 2885645/12564910/1087469/Cognac Hi Oa EA $2.43
M230-4054 Fil-StikŪ Oak/Hickory Cider 2885625/12564936/6050215 EA $2.43
M230-4055 Fil-StikŪ Saddle/Cider Cherry 12564761 EA $2.43
M230-4056 Fil-StikŪ Maple Natural 1586064 EA $2.43
M230-4057 Fil-StikŪ Light Fawn EA $2.43
M230-4058 Fil-StikŪ Eventide EA $2.43
M230-4059 Fil-StikŪ Chestnut #9730500cnm EA $2.43
M230-4060 Fil-StikŪ Amaretto 15663198/2885628 Honey EA $2.43
M230-4061 Fil-StikŪ Dawn 114029 EA $2.43
M230-4062 Fil-StikŪ Mocha EA $2.43
M230-4063 Fil-StikŪ Autumn Blush #9730500ab EA $2.43
M230-4064 Fil-StikŪ Praline 9730500prl/Caramel/Harvest 2834922 EA $2.43
M230-4065 Fil-StikŪ Black Glaze/Kaffe #9730500eg EA $2.43
M230-4066 Fil-StikŪ Cherry Paprika 2885632/12564795/9279126 EA $2.43
M230-4067 Fil-StikŪ Sedona Maple 2885642/12564886/6223663 EA $2.43
M230-4068 Fil-StikŪ Sable Maple 2885640/12564860/7838291 EA $2.43
M230-4069 Fil-StikŪ Maple Caramel/Toffee #3323441 EA $2.43
M230-4070 Fil-StikŪ Peppercorn 9730500ppc/Sm Hazelnut EA $2.43
M230-4071 Fil-StikŪ Kona 2885636/12564829/11924370/Mocha EA $2.43
M230-4072 Fil-StikŪ Country French Parisian Green EA $2.43
M230-4720 Fil-StikŪ Assortment 72/Pack EA $170.46
M230-6869 Fil-StikŪ Natural Iv EA $2.43
M230-8107 Fil-StikŪ White 9730500pwh EA $2.43
M230-8135 Fil-StikŪ Bay/Cherry EA $2.43
M230-8359 Fil-StikŪ Interior Maple/Natural Hickory Swp EA $2.43
M230-8600 Fil-StikŪ Cream Uc EA $2.43
M230-8601 Fil-StikŪ Satin White Uc EA $2.43
M230-8623 Fil-StikŪ Biscotti W/ Coconut 9730500fgm EA $2.43
M230-8728 Fil-StikŪ Birch Uc EA $2.43
M230-9831 Fil-StikŪ Bamboo EA $2.43
M230-9833 Fil-StikŪ Dark Golden Oak EA $2.43
M230-9834 Fil-StikŪ Gunstock Walnut/Chestnut EA $2.43
M230-9835 Fil-StikŪ Heritage Cherry/Chestnut EA $2.43
M230-9837 Fil-StikŪ Medium Hickory/Sm Rye EA $2.43
M230-9838 Fil-StikŪ Old World Mahogany EA $2.43
M230-9839 Fil-StikŪ Rustic Cherry EA $2.43
M230-9840 Fil-StikŪ Candlelight Cherry EA $2.43
M230-9841 Fil-StikŪ Honey Walnut EA $2.43
M230-9842 Fil-StikŪ Light Fruitwood #2 EA $2.43
M230-9843 Fil-StikŪ Medium Fruitwood EA $2.43
M230-9846 Fil-StikŪ Clear Maple EA $2.43
M230-9847 Fil-StikŪ Red Brown Mahogany EA $2.43
M230-9848 Fil-StikŪ Light Brown Mahogany/Cayenne EA $2.43
M230-9849 Fil-StikŪ Sm Driftwood EA $2.43
M230-9850 Fil-StikŪ Sm Graphite EA $2.43
M230-D404 Fil-StikŪ Dark Fruitwood EA $2.43
M230-L404 Fil-StikŪ Light Fruitwood EA $2.43
M231-0221 Fil-StikŪ Honey EA $2.43
M231-0314 Fil-StikŪ American Green EA $2.43
M231-0321 Fil-StikŪ Cherry Paprika EA $2.43
M231-0390 Fil-StikŪ Dark Cherry EA $2.43
M231-0403 Fil-StikŪ Whitewash EA $2.43
M231-0406 Fil-StikŪ Salem Maple EA $2.43
M231-0426 Fil-StikŪ Medium Oak II EA $2.43
M231-0428 Fil-StikŪ Natural Maple Swp EA $2.43
M231-10066 Fil-StikŪ Tobacco EA $2.43
M231-10103 Fil-StikŪ Syy Green EA $2.43
M231-10104 Fil-StikŪ Syy Red EA $2.43
M231-10164 Fil-StikŪ American Hewn-White EA $2.43
M231-10165 Fil-StikŪ American Hewn-Red/Brittany EA $2.43
M231-10166 Fil-StikŪ American Hewn-Green EA $2.43
M231-10167 Fil-StikŪ Sy Casual Blue EA $2.43
M231-10168 Fil-StikŪ Blue EA $2.43
M231-10169 Fil-StikŪ Cayman Blue EA $2.43
M231-10170 Fil-StikŪ Pearl/Oak EA $2.43
M231-10171 Fil-StikŪ Saffron Yellow EA $2.43
M231-10172 Fil-StikŪ Savannah Green EA $2.43
M231-10173 Fil-StikŪ Tuscany EA $2.43
M231-1476 Fil-StikŪ Gray EA $2.43
M231-1478 Fil-StikŪ Van Dyke Brown EA $2.43
M231-2294 Fil-StikŪ Maple/Caramel/Toffee EA $2.43
M231-4416 Fil-StikŪ Frost EA $2.43
M231-4627 Fil-StikŪ Spice EA $2.43
M231-5019 Fil-StikŪ Yellow 1468 EA $2.43
M231-5020 Fil-StikŪ Sage 1101 EA $2.43
M231-5021 Fil-StikŪ Green 1468 EA $2.43
M231-5022 Fil-StikŪ Winter Haven 2679 EA $2.43
M231-5025 Fil-StikŪ Silk Background EA $2.43
M231-6000 8xfil-StikŪ 60 Pack Trend Assortment EA $142.06
M231-6355 Fil-StikŪ Charter Oak/Oregano/Nutmeg Maple Swp EA $2.43
M231-6680 Fil-StikŪ Wheat II EA $2.43
M231-6870 Fil-StikŪ Meadow Oak/Natural/Rattan EA $2.43
M231-7635 Fil-StikŪ Mist EA $2.43
M231-7894 Fil-StikŪ Natural Oak EA $2.43
M231-7898 Fil-StikŪ Natural Maple II/Amber EA $2.43
M231-8040 Fil-StikŪ Maple Frost EA $2.43
M231-8087 Fil-StikŪ Stone EA $2.43
M231-8096 Fil-StikŪ Autumn Blush EA $2.43
M231-8126 Fil-StikŪ Oak Frost II/Champagne EA $2.43
M231-8154 Fil-StikŪ Oatmeal Maple EA $2.43
M231-8226 Fil-StikŪ Black #2 EA $2.43
M231-8326 Fil-StikŪ Charcoal Grey EA $2.43
M231-8412 Fil-StikŪ Cherry Cognac EA $2.43
M231-8413 Fil-StikŪ Butterscotch Cherry EA $2.43
M231-8618 Fil-StikŪ White Arctic 901347 EA $2.43
M231-8652 Fil-StikŪ Sandlewood EA $2.43
M231-8724 Fil-StikŪ Charcoal EA $2.43
M231-8981 Fil-StikŪ Soumi EA $2.43
M231-9005 Fil-StikŪ Champagne II EA $2.43
M231-9007 Fil-StikŪ Cider/Cappucino/Chestnut EA $2.43
M231-9033 Fil-StikŪ Newport-Ebonized Cherry EA $2.43
M231-9114 Fil-StikŪ Earthtone EA $2.43
M231-9196 Fil-StikŪ Olympia/Natural/Hazelnut Maple Swp/Amber Hickory S EA $2.43
M231-9483 Fil-StikŪ Terrace Place-Antique White EA $2.43
M231-9830 Fil-StikŪ Autumn Maple EA $2.43
M231-9832 Fil-StikŪ Deep Cherry/Burgundy EA $2.43
M231-9836 Fil-StikŪ Hunter Green EA $2.43
M231-9844 Fil-StikŪ Bone White EA $2.43
M231-9850 Fil-StikŪ Antique Light Red/Holly Berry EA $2.43
M231-9851 Fil-StikŪ Khaki EA $2.43
M231-9852 Fil-StikŪ Putty EA $2.43
M231-9853 Fil-StikŪ Antique Light Blue EA $2.43
M231-9854 Fil-StikŪ Antique Light Green EA $2.43
M231-9855 Fil-StikŪ Country French Red EA $2.43
M231-9856 Fil-StikŪ Country French Parisian Blue/Oyster EA $2.43
M231-9858 Fil-StikŪ Sandstone/Oak EA $2.43
M231-9860 Fil-StikŪ Amalfi Milano EA $2.43
M231-9862 Fil-StikŪ Champagne EA $2.43
M231-9864 Fil-StikŪ Merlot/Cherry/Chestnut EA $2.43
M231-9923 Fil-StikŪ #1101 Amber White EA $2.43
M232-10923 Fil-StikŪ Maple Spice EA $2.43
M232-8041 Fil-StikŪ White EA $2.43

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