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Color FIL™ Putty

Touch-Up Fillers/Wood Fillers

Technical Documentation

Product Overview

Easy to use putty for filling and coloring nail holes and open edges. Can be finger applied or used with a flexible spatula. Topcoating with any clear finish will make the repair more durable. Custom color matching available with minimum order of 180.

Application Tips

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Qty SKU Number Description Color UOM List Price
M744-0202 Color Fil™ Putty White 1 Lb EA $6.96
M744-0205 Color Fil™ Putty Oak 1 Lb EA $6.96
M744-0209 Color Fil™ Putty Dark Walnut 1 Lb EA $6.96
M744-0224 Color Fil™ Putty Ebony 1 Lb EA $6.96
M744-0229 Color Fil™ Putty Brown Mahogany 1 Lb EA $6.96
M744-0379 Color Fil™ Putty Briarwood 1 Lb EA $6.96
M744-0380 Color Fil™ Putty Redwood 1 Lb EA $6.96
M744-0395 Color Fil™ Putty Light Birch 1 Lb EA $6.96
M744-0404 Color Fil™ Putty Fruitwood 1 Lb EA $6.96
M744-0408 Color Fil™ Putty Cherry 1 Lb EA $6.96
M744-0411 Color Fil™ Putty Nutmeg 1 Lb EA $6.96

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