Wood Repair

Touch-Up Fillers/Wood Fillers

Technical Documentation

Product Overview

Synthetic Wood Filler
  • Sands like wood
  • Stains like wood
  • Looks like wood
A high quality wood filler that is uniform and readily workable. Fills cracks, gouges, knotholes, nail holes, and other defects in wood. Wood Repair is waterproof and may be used indoors or outdoors. Wood Repair can be used on furniture, paneling, plywood, woodwork and other applications that require a filler. Can be stained.

Application Tips

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Qty SKU Number Description Color UOM List Price
M740-0215 Wood Repair Natural Pt EA $8.12
M740-0216 Wood Repair Natural Qt EA $12.68
M740-0225 Wood Repair Cherry/Dark Mahogany Pt EA $8.12
M740-0235 Wood Repair Red Oak Pt EA $8.12
M740-0265 Wood Repair Oak Pt EA $8.12
M740-0275 Wood Repair Walnut Pt EA $8.12
M740-0295 Wood Repair Pine Pt EA $8.12
M740-2005 Wood Repair Solvent Pt EA $8.12
M740-2007 Wood Repair Solvent Gal EA $20.94

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