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Pro MarkŪ Marker


Technical Documentation

Product Overview

The Pro-MarkŪ capillary marker features excellent flow. Whether you need to touch-up 1 inch or 20 feet, the Pro-MarkŪ marker does it the first time and every time. The colors are the most fade resistant, the most resistant to color shift from top coating and have the best bleed resistance. The nib offers superior flow along with the durability needed to do all normal repair work. The nib remains usable for the life of the marker. Marks equally well with the edge, the bottom or the tip. Good adhesion to most surfaces and resistance to polishes are built into the Pro-MarkŪ marker. Custom color matching available with minimum order of 72 per color.

Application Tips

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Qty SKU Number Description Color UOM List Price
M267-0001 Pro-MarkŪ Black EA $4.55
M267-0003 Pro-MarkŪ Natural Ash EA $4.55
M267-0004 Pro-MarkŪ Light Oak 9731220 EA $4.55
M267-0030 Pro-MarkŪ Whiskey Barrel Kmc #sn336 EA $4.55
M267-0031 Pro-MarkŪ Autumn Harvest Kmc #sn330 EA $4.55
M267-0032 Pro-MarkŪ Cappuccino Brown Kmc #sn373 EA $4.55
M267-0033 Pro-MarkŪ Grey Wolf Kmc #sn347 EA $4.55
M267-0034 Pro-MarkŪ Espresso Kmc #sn338 EA $4.55
M267-0050 Pro-MarkŪ Burnt Sienna Kmc #sn310 EA $4.55
M267-0051 Pro-MarkŪ English Leather Kmc #sn312 EA $4.55
M267-0053 Pro-MarkŪ Burgundy Trace Kmc #sn374 EA $4.55
M267-0054 Pro-MarkŪ Crimson Rose Kmc #sn392 EA $4.55
M267-0056 Pro-MarkŪ Sorrel Sky Kmc #sn395 EA $4.55
M267-0063 Pro-MarkŪ Honey Maple EA $4.55
M267-0064 Pro-MarkŪ Hearty Rye Kmc #sn300 EA $4.55
M267-0065 Pro-MarkŪ Golden Nutmeg Kmc #sn360 EA $4.55
M267-0067 Pro-MarkŪ Aged Bronze Kmc #sn302 EA $4.55
M267-0068 Pro-MarkŪ Spruce Ridge Kmc #sn355 EA $4.55
M267-0072 Pro-MarkŪ Classic Chestnut Kmc #sn350 EA $4.55
M267-0073 Pro-MarkŪ Tawny Beechnut Kmc #sn386 EA $4.55
M267-0074 Pro-MarkŪ Oiled Saddle Kmc #sn371 EA $4.55
M267-0081 Pro-MarkŪ Natural Amber 9731221 EA $4.55
M267-0094 Pro-MarkŪ Warm Brown Walnut EA $4.55
M267-0112 Pro-MarkŪ Buck Board EA $4.55
M267-0194 Pro-MarkŪ Antique Maple EA $4.55
M267-0201 Pro-MarkŪ Bordeaux EA $4.55
M267-0207 Pro-MarkŪ Medium Walnut/Brown Pecan EA $4.55
M267-0208 Pro-MarkŪ Old World Walnut EA $4.55
M267-0209 Pro-MarkŪ Extra Dark Walnut EA $4.55
M267-0215 Pro-MarkŪ Cherry Slate EA $4.55
M267-0223 Pro-MarkŪ Black Brown EA $4.55
M267-0224 Pro-MarkŪ Plum Black EA $4.55
M267-0227 Pro-MarkŪ Dark Red Mahogany EA $4.55
M267-0246 Pro-MarkŪ Red Brown Mahogany EA $4.55
M267-0249 Pro-MarkŪ Perfect Brown 9731223 EA $4.55
M267-0252 Pro MarkŪ Brown Walnut/Light Oak EA $4.55
M267-0266 Pro-MarkŪ Ebonized Cherry 9731224 EA $4.55
M267-0267 Pro-MarkŪ Cherry Autumn EA $4.55
M267-0286 Pro-MarkŪ Maple Rye EA $4.46
M267-0290 Pro-MarkŪ Van Dyke Brown Kmc Sn329 EA $4.55
M267-0321 Pro-MarkŪ Marker Natural Light Oak 9731225 EA $4.55
M267-0337 Pro-MarkŪ Golden Oak EA $4.55
M267-0355 Pro-MarkŪ Medium Oak EA $4.55
M267-0363 Pro-MarkŪ Dark Red Walnut EA $4.55
M267-0364 Pro-MarkŪ Heartwood Walnut EA $4.55
M267-0365 Pro-MarkŪ Warm Walnut EA $4.55
M267-0381 Pro-MarkŪ Cherry/Walnut EA $4.55
M267-0385 Pro-MarkŪ Deep Cordovan EA $4.55
M267-0387 Pro-MarkŪ Mahogany EA $4.55
M267-0388 Pro-MarkŪ Cherry/Fruitwood 9731227 EA $4.55
M267-0406 Pro-MarkŪ Salem Maple 9731228 EA $4.55
M267-0408 Pro-MarkŪ Cherry EA $4.55
M267-0411 Pro-MarkŪ Nutmeg 9731229 EA $4.55
M267-0418 Pro-MarkŪ Mocha Brown EA $4.55
M267-0456 Pro MarkŪ Syy Green EA $4.55
M267-0457 Pro MarkŪ Syy Red EA $4.55
M267-0474 Pro-MarkŪ Warm Oak 9731230 EA $4.55
M267-0477 Pro-MarkŪ Natural Maple 9731231/Natural Swp/Hazelnut Swp EA $4.55
M267-0479 Pro-MarkŪ Maple Glaze 9731232 EA $4.55
M267-0484 Pro-MarkŪ Brown Paprika 9731233 EA $4.55
M267-1202 Pro-MarkŪ 12 Pack Assortment #1 EA $54.97
M267-1204 Pro-MarkŪ 12 Pack Assortment #2 EA $54.97
M267-1206 Pro-MarkŪ 12 Pack Assortment #3 EA $54.97
M267-1208 Pro-MarkŪ 12 Pack Assortment #4 EA $54.97
M267-1478 Pro MarkŪ Van Dyke Brown EA $4.55
M267-1516 Pro-MarkŪ Pine 9731234 EA $4.55
M267-2024 Pro-MarkŪ Light Grey EA $4.55
M267-2025 Pro-MarkŪ Medium Grey EA $4.55
M267-2026 Pro-MarkŪ Warm Grey EA $4.55
M267-2052 Pro-MarkŪ Medium Dark Oak 9731300gl EA $4.55
M267-2680 Pro-MarkŪ Marker Pouch W/24 Assortment EA $125.61
M267-3600 Pro-MarkŪ 36 Pack Assortment EA $164.90
M267-4000 Pro-MarkŪ Coffee EA $4.55
M267-4001 Pro-MarkŪ Saddle EA $4.55
M959-2674 Empty Pouch For Pro-MarkŪ Holds 24 Markers EA $19.70

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