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Quik-Tipô Marker


Technical Documentation

Product Overview

Fast opaque color Touch Up in a felt tip marker.
  • Solid color touch-up
  • High solids
  • High gloss
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Durable finish no top coat needed
  • Recolor worn edges
  • Minor surface and edge marks
  • Custom color matching available with minimum order of 72 per color.

Application Tips

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Qty SKU Number Description Color UOM List Price
M290-0001 Quik Tipô Marker Transparent Water Clear EA $5.39
M290-0005 Quik-Tipô Marker 367 Sharkfin EA $5.39
M290-0006 Quik-Tipô Marker 346 Silverado EA $5.39
M290-0119 Quik-Tipô Marker Linear Bronze EA $5.39
M290-0126 Quik-Tipô Marker Belle Silver B/D650 EA $5.39
M290-0133 Quik-Tipô Marker Gloss Steel EA $5.39
M290-0146 Quik-Tipô Marker Storm Gray On Red Oak EA $5.39
M290-0147 Quik-Tipô Marker Olivet B560 EA $5.39
M290-0202 Quik Tipô Marker High Gloss White EA $5.39
M290-0203 Quik Tipô Marker Flat White EA $5.39
M290-0224 Quik Tipô Marker High Gloss Black EA $5.39
M290-0225 Quik-Tipô Marker Mplin Maple Linen EA $5.39
M290-0879 Quik-Tipô Marker Gloss White Uc EA $5.39
M290-1001 Nib, Acrylic Chisel Point 12/Pk EA $3.88
M290-1002 Nib, Acrylic Bullet Point 12/Pk EA $3.88
M290-1003 Nib, Polyester Chisel/Bullet Point High Flow, 12/Pk EA $3.88
M290-2139 Quik-Tipô Marker Van Dyke Brown Uc EA $5.39
M290-2141 Quik-Tipô Marker Mocha Brown Uc EA $5.39
M290-2285 Quik-Tipô Marker Matte White Uc EA $5.39
M290-2286 Quik-Tipô Marker Satin White Uc EA $5.39
M290-2287 Quik-Tipô Marker Matte Cream Uc EA $5.39
M290-2329 Quik-Tipô Marker Old World Eggshell Uc EA $5.39
M290-2346 Quik-Tipô Marker Ice Uc EA $5.39
M290-2424 Quik-Tipô Marker Mink & Kona Uc EA $5.39
M290-2427 Quik-Tipô Marker Storm Gray On Red Birch Uc EA $5.39
M290-2428 Quik-Tipô Marker Storm Gray On Alder Uc EA $5.39
M290-2429 Quik-Tipô Marker Storm Gray On Bamboo Uc EA $5.39
M290-2560 Quik-Tipô Marker Mineral Gray EA $5.39

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