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Graining Pencils


Technical Documentation

Product Overview

The graining pencil is an artist pencil with soft, thick cores to create a smooth color lay down for superior blending and shading. The pencils can be used to add color or grain lines over raw wood, finished wood, Mohawk Epoxy Sticks and Bondo® Wood Filler. The color of the pencils will not bleed or change when top coated. Recommended on production line touch-up stations since color can be replaced along moving line. Absence of liquid eliminates drying time. The Graining Pencil Assortment, M270-1400, contains one each of the graining pencils listed.

Application Tips

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Qty SKU Number Description Color UOM List Price
M270-0901 Graining Pencil Warm Grey EA $3.40
M270-0902 Graining Pencil French Grey 70% EA $3.40
M270-0903 Graining Pencil French Grey 90% EA $3.40
M270-0904 Graining Pencil Sandbar Brown EA $3.40
M270-0905 Graining Pencil Black EA $3.40
M270-0941 Graining Pencil Light Umber EA $3.40
M270-0943 Graining Pencil Burnt Ochre EA $3.40
M270-0945 Graining Pencil Brown Sienna EA $3.40
M270-0946 Graining Pencil Dark Brown EA $3.40
M270-0947 Graining Pencil Dark Umber EA $3.40
M270-0948 Graining Pencil Sepia EA $3.40
M270-0997 Graining Pencil Beige EA $3.40
M270-1034 Graining Pencil Goldenrod (oak) EA $3.40
M270-1400 Graining Pencil Assortment EA $46.37
M270-4030 Graining Pencil Raspberry (mahogany) EA $3.40

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