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Lacover® Padding Finish


Technical Documentation

Product Overview

For spot refinishing. The most widely used "French Polish" padding finish in the world. Specially formulated for use with Mohawk Blendal™ Powder Stains. Compatible with most known finishes. ln one operation, the stain and finish can be replaced to worn or bare spots. Also recommended for leather and vinyl. "Highlight" effects can be created on wood, leather or vinyl materials with this method. Lacover® Padding Finish imparts new life to leather, prevents cracking and drying out. Available in two solids. The higher the solid, the LESS time consumed to build up the finish to complete the job.

Application Tips

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Qty SKU Number Description Color UOM List Price
M405-3006 Lacover® Padding Finish 30 Qt EA $23.15
M405-3007 Lacover® Padding Finish 30, 1-Gal EA $69.71
M405-5006 Lacover® Padding Finish 50 Qt EA $26.25
M405-5007 Lacover® Padding Finish 50 Gal EA $77.48

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