Wax Wash™ Remover

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Product Overview

Removes wax and oils from surfaces. A blend of solvents which in one application will remove wax and oil from any surface. Prior to applying a new finish or spot repair, clean surface with Wax Wash™ remover. The presence of oil or wax on a surface will retard drying of a new finish which can be avoided by cleaning with Wax Wash™ remover. Naphtha or alcohol by themselves will not remove all foreign matter as well as this product. Good to use on furniture, woodwork and appliances prior to refinishing.

Application Tips

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Qty SKU Number Description Color UOM List Price
M712-1906 Wax Wash™ Remover Qt EA $16.42
M712-1907 Wax Wash™ Remover Gal EA $32.69

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