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Blendal® Sticks

Color Replacement

Technical Documentation

Product Overview

The NEW 12 Pack Primary & Earth Tone Assortment now available! M340-1204

Mohawk Blendal® Sticks are used to add or alter color when repairing and touching up wood. This product allows quick color replacement on raw or finished edges and flat surfaces. You can easily blend the colors to accomplish a perfect match. Blendal® Sticks are available in thirty-six colors. Custom color matching is available. Also available in 12 pack assortments or a 36 pack assortment.

Application Tips

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Qty SKU Number Description Color UOM List Price
M340-0000 Blendal® Stick Raw Sienna EA $4.43
M340-0001 Blendal® Stick Ginger Brown EA $4.43
M340-0002 Blendal® Stick Harvest Brown EA $4.43
M340-0003 Blendal® Stick Burnt Umber EA $4.43
M340-0004 Blendal® Stick Heritage Cherry EA $4.43
M340-0005 Blendal® Stick Raw Umber EA $4.43
M340-0006 Blendal® Stick True Brown EA $4.43
M340-0007 Blendal® Stick Burnt Sienna EA $4.43
M340-0008 Blendal® Stick Mahogany EA $4.43
M340-0009 Blendal® Stick Cordovan EA $4.43
M340-0010 Blendal® Stick Black EA $4.43
M340-0011 Blendal® Stick White EA $4.43
M340-0012 Blendal® Stick Beige Tone EA $4.43
M340-0013 Blendal® Stick Rock Maple EA $4.43
M340-0015 Blendal® Stick Wheat EA $4.43
M340-0016 Blendal® Stick Cinnamon EA $4.43
M340-0017 Blendal® Stick Cayenne EA $4.43
M340-0019 Blendal® Stick Natural Oak EA $4.43
M340-0020 Blendal® Stick Van Dyke Brown EA $4.43
M340-0021 Blendal® Stick Honey Maple EA $4.43
M340-0023 Blendal® Stick Natural Maple EA $4.43
M340-0024 Blendal® Stick Pale Gold EA $4.43
M340-0027 Blendal® Stick Silver EA $4.43
M340-0028 Blendal® Stick Rust EA $4.43
M340-0029 Blendal® Stick Moss Glaze 9730800mg EA $4.43
M340-0030 Blendal® Stick Honey Spice 9730800hs EA $4.43
M340-0031 Blendal® Stick Toffee EA $4.43
M340-0032 Blendal® Stick Irish Créme Glaze 9730800 EA $4.43
M340-0033 Blendal® Stick Antique White EA $4.43
M340-0034 Blendal® Stick Red Brown Mahogany EA $4.43
M340-0035 Blendal® Stick Dark Walnut EA $4.43
M340-0036 Blendal® Stick Perfect Brown EA $4.43
M340-0037 Blendal® Stick Caramel EA $4.43
M340-0038 Blendal® Stick Autumn Cherry EA $4.43
M340-0039 Blendal® Stick Cherry Glaze EA $4.43
M340-0040 Blendal® Stick Mocha EA $4.43
M340-0041 Blendal® Stick Red EA $4.43
M340-0042 Blendal® Stick Orange EA $4.43
M340-0043 Blendal® Stick Green EA $4.43
M340-0044 Blendal® Stick Blue EA $4.43
M340-0045 Blendal® Stick Yellow EA $4.43
M340-0046 Blendal® Stick Coconut/Cotton/Brie/Heavy Cream EA $4.43
M340-0086 Blendal® Stick Cloud/Sterling/Bluff EA $4.43
M340-0091 Blendal® Stick Fortune Cookie EA $4.43
M340-0092 Blendal® Stick Limestone/Sharkey Gray EA $4.43
M340-0093 Blendal® Stick Ocean Floor EA $4.43
M340-0095 Blendal® Stick Egret EA $4.43
M340-0233 Blendal® Stick Greyloft W/Sable 9730800b66m EA $4.43
M340-0236 Blendal® Stick Midnight W/Onyx 973800b70m EA $4.43
M340-0244 Blendal® Stick Pebble Grey/Shale 9730800b83m EA $4.43
M340-0286 Blendal® Stick Lunar Gray EA $4.43
M340-1200 Blendal® Stick 12 Pack Assortment #1 EA $47.83
M340-1202 Blendal® Stick 12 Pack Assortment #2 EA $47.83
M340-1203 Blendal® Stick 12 Pack Assortment #3 EA $47.83
M340-1204 Blendal® Stick 12 Pack Primary & Earth Tone Assortment EA $47.83
M340-3600 Blendal® Stick 36 Pack Assortment EA $143.55
M340-9000 Blendal® Stick Sharpener EA $2.79

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