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BoothCoat™ Spray Booth Protector


Technical Documentation

Product Overview

BoothCoat™ Spray Booth Protector helps keep your expensive spray booths clean and protects it from overspray build up. BoothCoat™ Spray Booth Protector eliminates dark work areas and makes clean up a breeze. A clean spray booth reduces the risks of loose debris landing on your work and improves safety conditions caused by years of caked on overspray build up. Apply by spraying on multiple light coats (3-4 recommended). It dries in minutes. When you are ready to clean up the spray booth simply peel the BoothCoat™ Spray Booth Protector off. Dispose in accordance to your local solid HAZMAT waste requlations and reapply.

Application Tips

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Qty SKU Number Description Color UOM List Price
M617-0017 Boothcoat™ Spray Booth Protector Gal EA $34.18

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