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Patchal™ Putty

Touch-Up Fillers/Wood Fillers

Technical Documentation

Product Overview

Patchal™ Putty is simply the best finish putty that you will ever use. Patchal™ Putty is designed to be used on finished wood to fill nail holes, miter joints and cabinet seams. This putty is great for picture frames, trim and molding.
  • Fast and easy application
  • Simple clean-up
  • Can be top coated within minutes
  • Superior color selection matched to current industry trends
  • Easy to open packaging keeps this putty fresh
  • Color labels on the lids make it easy to find the right color
  • Custom color matching is available
NET WT 4.4 OZ.

Application Tips

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Qty SKU Number Description Color UOM List Price
M734-0001 Patchal® Putty Black-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0002 Patchal® Putty White-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0003 Patchal® Putty Beige Tone-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0004 Patchal® Putty Light Red Mahogany-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0005 Patchal® Putty Cordovan-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0006 Patchal® Putty Wine-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0007 Patchal® Putty Cherry-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0008 Patchal® Putty Warm Cherry-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0009 Patchal® Putty Rock Maple-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0010 Patchal® Putty Cinnamon-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0011 Patchal® Putty Natural Cherry-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0012 Patchal® Putty Burnt Sienna-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0013 Patchal® Putty Hickory-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0014 Patchal® Putty Mocha-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0015 Patchal® Putty Extra Dark Walnut-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0016 Patchal® Putty Van Dyke Brown-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0017 Patchal® Putty Natural Oak-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0018 Patchal® Putty Natural Maple-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0019 Patchal® Putty Ginger-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0020 Patchal® Putty Raw Sienna-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0021 Patchal® Putty Nutmeg-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0022 Patchal® Putty Honey Spice-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0023 Patchal® Putty Natural Maple Laminate-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0024 Patchal® Putty Fawn-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-0025 Patchal® Putty Vanilla-Net Wt 4.4 Oz. EA $7.06
M734-0026 Patchal® Putty Snowdrift Kmc #fl000 EA $7.06
M734-0599 Patchal® Putty Innsbruck White 114110-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $7.06
M734-2001 Patchal® Putty Ash EA $7.06
M734-2400 Patchal® Putty 24 Pack Assortment-Net Wt 4.4 Oz EA $169.48

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