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    Wood Touch-Up and Repair DVD
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      The Mohawk Leather Touch-Up, Repair, Refinishing & Maintenance DVD
    Designed to show you step by step procedures and techniques for repairing many types of damage and restoring furniture to "good as new" condition. Instructions on: filling damage, producing duplicate grain patterns, color matching and application upholstery repair, spot cleaning, and much more.
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  • The Mohawk Professional Finishing Systemô DVDDesigned to show you how to produce today's most popular finishes with our new Professional Finishing Systemô products. You will be able to confidently recreate the finishes using an assortment of Mohawk's different finishing products.
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    Qty SKU Number Description Color UOM List Price
    M900-0010 Dvd, Wood Touch-Up And Repair EA $6.11
    M900-0020 Dvd, Leather Touch-Up, Repair, Refinishing & Maintenance EA $6.11
    M900-0030 Dvd, Professional Finishing System EA $6.11
    M900-0040 Dvd, Set Of 3 Wood, Leather & Finishing EA $14.63
    M900-0050 Dvd, Wood Touch-Up And Repair Chinese EA $6.11
    M900-0060 Dvd Wood Touch-Up And Repair Spanish EA $6.11
    M900-0070 Dvd, Guitar Finishing EA $6.11

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