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Perfect Blend® Aerosol


Technical Documentation

Product Overview

A premium blended nitrocellulose lacquer displaying excellent adhesion over waxed and polished surfaces and areas contaminated with silicone. Perfect Blend® features a soft spray, low film build, and fine atomization resulting in virtually no overspray, little bounce, excellent flow, and strong ability to blend in with the surrounding surface. Net contents: 13.5 oz.

Application Tips

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Qty SKU Number Description Color UOM List Price
M102-0705 Perfect Blend® Dead Flat 5-8 Sheen EA $13.19
M102-0710 Perfect Blend® Flat 10-13 Sheen EA $13.19
M102-0720 Perfect Blend® Matte 19-23 Sheen EA $13.19
M102-0740 Perfect Blend® Satin 35-40 Sheen EA $13.19
M102-0760 Perfect Blend® Semi-Gloss 55-65 Sheen EA $13.19
M102-0780 Perfect Blend® Gloss 80 Sheen EA $13.19

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