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Thomasville touch up kits are being offered in the best selling Thomasville finishes and are designed to provide the basic items for fast touch up of minor nicks and scratches. Each kit contains a Fil-StikŪ, Marker, leveling card, Scotch Brite pad and instruction sheet and has been carefully matched to each Thomasville collection and finish. These exclusive Thomasville kits can be included in an order with other Mohawk products. Browse the catalog to see other Mohawk product offerings. Kits are available in a minimum quantity of 12 per color.


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Qty SKU Number Description Color UOM List Price
THO1-34911C Touch Up Kit Martinique Merlot (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-40311C Touch Up Kit Collectors Cherry Centennial (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-40411C Touch Up Kit Bridges 2.0 Newbridge (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-40611C Touch Up Kit Villa Soleil Tuscan Sand (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-41211C Touch Up Kit Urban Retreat Metro Oak (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-41215C Touch Up Kit Urban Retreat Daybreak (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-41219C Touch Up Kit Urban Retreat Midnight (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-41711C Touch Up Kit Irving Park Clubhouse (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-42611C Touch Up Kit Kingstreet Cognac (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-42711C Touch Up Kit Cinnamon Hill Ginger (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-42719C Touch Up Kit Cinnamon Hill Licorice (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-43211C Touch Up Kit Nocturne Tuxedo (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-43411C Touch Up Kit Fredericksburg Whiskey (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-43611C Touch Up Kit Hills Of Tuscany Light Rustico (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-43612C Touch Up Kit Hills Of Tuscany Dark Rustico (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-44011C Touch Up Kit Felicity Sunlit Cherry (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-44015C Touch Up Kit Felicity Day Spa White (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-44019C Touch Up Kit Felicity Nightfall Black (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-44111C Touch Up Kit Lumine Indulgence (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-44119C Touch Up Kit Lumine Eclipse (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-44311C Touch Up Kit Soliloque Classic (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-44411C Touch Up Kit Wanderlust Mocha (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-44611C Touch Up Kit Rivage Warm Cognac (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-44712C Touch Up Kit Coterie Cocoa (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-44811C Touch Up Kit Hemingway Catalonia (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-44911C Touch Up Kit Sonterra Dorado (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-45211C Touch Up Kit Casual Retreat Saddle (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-45219C Touch Up Kit Casual Retreat Flint (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-45311C Touch Up Kit Brompton Hall Regal (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-45411C Touch Up Kit Classic Legacy (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-45511C Touch Up Kit Studio 455 Shadow (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-45611C Touch Up Kit Cottage Schooner (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-45615C Touch Up Kit Cottage Canvas (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-45711C Touch Up Kit Urban Metro (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-45911C Touch Up Kit Veranda Bay Dark Rum (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-46011C Touch Up Kit Vintage Chateau Chocolate (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-46019C Touch Up Kit Vintage Chateau Cafe (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-46111C Touch Up Kit Coopers Landing Fruitwood (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-46119C Touch Up Kit Coopers Landing Black Transparent (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-46211C Touch Up Kit Hemingway Fruitwood (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-46219C Touch Up Kit Hemingway Hilted Black (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-46311C Touch Up Kit Affinia Praline (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-46411/12C1 Touch Up Kit Iron Ore (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-46411/12C2 Touch Up Kit Bolt (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-46411C Touch Up Kit Reinventions Weatherly (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-46412/22C Touch Up Kit Reinventions Loft (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-46435C Touch Up Kit Reinventions Elements (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-46611C Touch-Up Kit Modern Theory Retro Walnut (case Of 12) EA $273.39
THO1-46711C Touch-Up Kit Deschanel Regalien (case Of 12) EA $273.39
THO1-46811C Touch-Up Kit Tate Street Quincy Cherry (case Of 12) EA $273.39
THO1-46911C Touch-Up Kit Cassara Nutmeg (case Of 12) EA $273.39
THO1-82211C Touch-Up Kit Spellbound Sable (case Of 12) EA $273.39
THO1-82411/21C Touch Up Kit Sloane Regatta (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-82439C Touch Up Kit Sloane Black Schooner (case Of 12) EA $22.79
THO1-82611/21C Touch Up Kit Lantau Sojourn (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-82811C Touch Up Kit American Anthem Artisian (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-82915C Touch Up Kit Manuscript White Paper White (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-82919C Touch Up Kit Manuscript Black Ink Black (case Of 12) EA $273.42
THO1-83111C Touch Up Kit Banyon Bay Plantation (case Of 12) EA $273.42

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