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Waterborne Conversion Varnish


Technical Documentation

Product Overview

Mohawk’s Waterborne Conversion Varnish is water reducible, post catalyzed, low VOC emitting technology that has excellent color retention and is suitable for cabinet, millwork, furniture and other high traffic interior wooden surfaces. Waterborne Conversion Varnish delivers ultimate durability and mar resistance with as little as two coats and can be used as a self sealing system.

Waterborne Conversion Varnish is formulated to meet production shop needs and is an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to comparable solvent base post catalyzed products. Waterborne Conversion Varnish may be applied over any Mohawk stain or opaque colors. Allow oil type stains to dry a minimum of 1 hour for improved adhesion.

Mohawk Waterborne Conversion Varnish is available in plastic single gallon and 5-gallon pail containers, which resist rusting and improve the product’s shelf life.

Mohawk Waterborne Conversion Varnish Catalyst M641-7016 provides added durability and mar resistance. Use at a rate of 5% by volume.

Application Tips

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Qty SKU Number Description Color UOM List Price
M641-24007 Waterborne Wood Tone Sealer Gal EA $58.86
M641-24008 Waterborne Wood Tone Sealer 5 Gal EA $263.32
M641-24207 8xwaterborne Conversion Varnish Matte 20 Sheen Gal EA $58.86
M641-24407 8xwaterborne Conversion Varnish Satin 40 Sheen Gal EA $58.86
M641-24408 8xwaterborne Conversion Varnish Satin 40 Sheen 5 Gal EA $263.32
M641-24607 8xwaterborne Conversion Varnish Semi-Gloss 60 Sheen Gal EA $58.86
M641-24608 8xwaterborne Conversion Varnish Semi-Gloss 60 Sheen 5 Gal EA $263.32
M641-7014 Waterborne Conversion Varnish Catalyst 6.5 Oz. EA $23.87
M641-7016 Waterborne Conversion Varnish Catalyst Qt EA $89.76

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