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Leather Repair Aerosols


Technical Documentation

Product Overview

The Leather Repair Aerosols are used to color over damages on pigmented leather (also known as top coated) where there is color loss or the leather has been repaired. The aerosols are designed to enable you to match most of the leather furniture that is popular today. They are especially effective at repairing two-tone finishes which are otherwise so difficult to match. The kit includes Basecoats for matching background colors, Toners to add color over the Basecoats and to apply the stippled effect in two-tones, Color Adjusters for fine-tuning the color of the repair, and Leather/Vinyl Finish™ to adjust the sheen.

The Leather Repair Aerosols are also available in a convenient kit, M850-9005. The system includes a Vinyl, Plastic & Leather Cleaner aerosol to make sure the surface is ready for a finish. Want to see the kit in action?

Application Tips

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Qty SKU Number Description Color UOM List Price
M109-3001 Leather Repair Basecoat - Coppertone EA $13.84
M109-3002 Leather Repair Basecoat - Light Tan EA $13.84
M109-3003 Leather Repair Basecoat - Warm Brown EA $13.84
M109-3004 Leather Repair Basecoat - Burnt Umber EA $13.84
M109-3005 Leather Repair Basecoat - Cool Brown EA $13.84
M109-3006 Leather Repair Basecoat - Burgundy EA $13.84
M109-3007 Leather Repair Basecoat - Black EA $13.84
M109-3008 Leather Repair Basecoat - White EA $13.84
M109-3009 Leather Repair Basecoat - Beige EA $13.84
M109-3010 Leather Repair Basecoat - Medium Brown EA $13.84
M109-3011 Leather Repair Basecoat - Red EA $13.84
M109-3012 Leather Repair Basecoat - Antique White EA $13.84
M109-3013 Leather Repair Basecoat - Kinsey Dark Brown EA $13.84
M109-3015 Leather Repair Basecoat – Light Grey EA $13.84
M109-3016 Leather Repair Basecoat – Charcoal Grey EA $13.84
M109-3196 Leather Repair Basecoat Beige B/C EA $13.84
M109-3521 Leather Repair Basecoat Cognac B/C EA $13.84
M109-4001 Leather Repair Color Adjuster - Orange Brown EA $13.84
M109-4002 Leather Repair Color Adjuster - Red EA $13.84
M109-4003 Leather Repair Color Adjuster - Yellow EA $13.84
M109-4004 Leather Repair Color Adjuster - Blue EA $13.84
M109-4005 Leather Repair Color Adjuster - Green EA $13.84
M109-4006 Leather Repair Color Adjuster - White EA $13.84
M109-4007 Leather Repair Color Adjuster - Black EA $13.84
M109-5001 Leather Repair Toner - Warm Brown EA $13.84
M109-5002 Leather Repair Toner - Cool Van Dyke Brown EA $13.84
M109-5003 Leather Repair Toner - Black EA $13.84
M109-5004 Leather Repair Toner - Ebony EA $13.84
M109-5005 Leather Repair Toner - Tan EA $13.84
M109-5006 Leather Repair Toner - Hickory EA $13.84
M109-5007 Leather Repair Toner - Beige EA $13.84
M109-5008 Leather Repair Toner - Brown EA $13.84
M109-5009 Leather Repair Toner - Chocolate EA $13.84
M850-9005 Leather Repair Aerosol System EA $299.59

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