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Fairfield Chair Touch-Up Program

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Product Overview

Fairfield Chair Touch-up Program includes Touch-up Kits professionally matched to your Fairfield Finishes. Please order by your Finish name.

Contents of each kit:
  • 1 Fil-Stick
  • 1 Marker
  • Mini Leveler Card
  • White Scotch® Brite Pad
  • Instructions for repair
  • After the repair is made, a clear aerosol may be sprayed over it to seal and protect the repair. Fairfield Chair has chosen appropriate aerosols depending on your Suite color as follows:

    M102-0411 for Montego Bay, Natural Cherry, Black, Merlot, Windsor and Buttermilk

    M102-0415 for Manhattan and Cordovan

    M102-0416 for Candlelight, Mahogany, Cashew, Espresso, Umber Chestnut, Natural Maple and Walnut

    Click below to watch YouTube Videos on repairing your furniture.

    Application Tips

    Need a couple of pointers on best practice for this product?

    Click Here to view videos on the best way to apply this product.

    Qty SKU Number Description Color UOM List Price
    FAI1-0001 Touch-Up Kit Montego Bay EA $24.33
    FAI1-0002 Touch-Up Kit Natural Cherry EA $24.33
    FAI1-0003 Touch-Up Kit Black EA $24.33
    FAI1-0004 Touch-Up Kit Merlot EA $24.33
    FAI1-0005 Touch-Up Kit Windsor EA $24.33
    FAI1-0006 Touch-Up Kit Buttermilk EA $24.33
    FAI1-0007 Touch-Up Kit Manhattan EA $24.33
    FAI1-0008 Touch-Up Kit Cordovan EA $24.33
    FAI1-0009 Touch-Up Kit Candlelight EA $24.33
    FAI1-0010 Touch-Up Kit Mahogany EA $24.33
    FAI1-0011 Touch-Up Kit Cashew EA $24.33
    FAI1-0012 Touch-Up Kit Espresso EA $24.33
    FAI1-0013 Touch-Up Kit Umber Chestnut EA $24.33
    FAI1-0014 Touch-Up Kit Natural Maple EA $24.33
    FAI1-0015 Touch-Up Kit Walnut EA $24.33
    M102-0411 Pre-Catalyzed Clear Finish Flat EA $6.47
    M102-0415 Pre-Catalyzed Clear Finish Semi-Gloss EA $6.47
    M102-0416 Pre-Catalyzed Clear Finish Matte EA $6.47

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