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Thomasville® touch up kits are being offered in the best selling Thomasville® finishes and are designed to provide the basic items for fast touch up of minor nicks and scratches. Each kit contains a Fil-Stik®, Marker, leveling card, Scotch Brite pad and instruction sheet and has been carefully matched to each Thomasville® collection and finish.

Product Catalog

SKU Number Description List Price
THO1-34911 Touch-Up Kit Martinique Merlot 21.69
THO1-40311 Touch Up Kit Collectors Cherry Centennial 21.69
THO1-40411 Touch Up Kit Bridges 2.0 Newbridge 21.69
THO1-40611 Touch Up Kit Villa Soleil Tuscan Sand 21.69
THO1-41211 Touch Up Kit Urban Retreat Metro Oak 21.69
THO1-41215 Touch Up Kit Urban Retreat Daybreak 21.69
THO1-41219 Touch Up Kit Urban Retreat Midnight 21.69
THO1-41711 Touch Up Kit Irving Park Clubhouse 21.69
THO1-42611 Touch Up Kit Kingstreet Cognac 21.69
THO1-42711 Touch Up Kit Cinnamon Hill Ginger 21.69
THO1-42719 Touch Up Kit Cinnamon Hill Licorice 21.69
THO1-43211 Touch Up Kit Nocturne Tuxedo 21.69
THO1-43411 Touch Up Kit Fredericksburg Whiskey 21.69
THO1-43611 Touch Up Kit Hills Of Tuscany Light Rustico 21.69
THO1-43612 Touch Up Kit Hills Of Tuscany Dark Rustico 21.69
THO1-44011 Touch Up Kit Felicity Sunlit Cherry 21.69
THO1-44015 Touch Up Kit Felicity Day Spa White 21.69
THO1-44019 Touch Up Kit Felicity Nightfall Black 21.69
THO1-44111 Touch Up Kit Lumine Indulgence 21.69
THO1-44119 Touch Up Kit Lumine Eclipse 21.69
THO1-44311 Touch Up Kit Soliloque Classic 21.69
THO1-44411 Touch Up Kit Wanderlust Mocha 21.69
THO1-44611 Touch Up Kit Rivage Warm Cognac 21.69
THO1-44712 Touch Up Kit Coterie Cocoa 21.69
THO1-44811 Touch Up Kit Hemingway Catalonia 21.69
THO1-44911 Touch Up Kit Sonterra Dorado 21.69
THO1-45211 Touch Up Kit Casual Retreat Saddle 21.69
THO1-45219 Touch Up Kit Casual Retreat Flint 21.69
THO1-45311 Touch Up Kit Brompton Hall Regal 21.69
THO1-45411 Touch Up Kit Classic Legacy 21.69
THO1-45511 Touch Up Kit Studio 455 Shadow 21.69
THO1-45611 Touch Up Kit Cottage Schooner 21.69
THO1-45615 Touch Up Kit Cottage Canvas 21.69
THO1-45711 Touch Up Kit Urban Metro 21.69
THO1-45911 Touch Up Kit Veranda Bay Dark Rum 21.69
THO1-46011 Touch Up Kit Vintage Chateau Chocolate 21.69
THO1-46019 Touch Up Kit Vintage Chateau Cafe 21.69
THO1-46111 Touch Up Kit Coopers Landing Fruitwood 21.69
THO1-46119 Touch Up Kit Coopers Landing Black Transparent 21.69
THO1-46211 Touch Up Kit Hemingway Fruitwood 21.69
THO1-46219 Touch Up Kit Hemingway Hilted Black 21.69
THO1-46311 Touch Up Kit Affinia Praline 21.69
THO1-46411 Touch Up Kit Reinventions Weatherly 21.69
THO1-46411/12-1 Touch Up Kit Iron Ore 21.69
THO1-46411/12-2 Touch Up Kit Bolt 21.69
THO1-46412/22 Touch Up Kit Reinventions Loft 21.69
THO1-46435 Touch Up Kit Reinventions Elements 21.69
THO1-46611 Touch-Up Kit Modern Theory Retro Walnut 21.69
THO1-46711 Touch-Up Kit Deschanel Regalien 21.69
THO1-46811 Touch-Up Kit Tate Street Quincy Cherry 21.69
THO1-46911 Touch-Up Kit Cassara Nutmeg 21.69
THO1-82211 Touch-Up Kit Spellbound Sable 21.69
THO1-82411/21 Touch Up Kit Sloane Regatta 21.69
THO1-82439 Touch Up Kit Sloane Black Schooner 21.69
THO1-82611/21 Touch Up Kit Lantau Sojourn 21.69
THO1-82811 Touch Up Kit American Anthem Artisian 21.69
THO1-82915 Touch Up Kit Manuscript White Paper White 21.69
THO1-82919 Touch Up Kit Manuscript Black Ink Black 21.69
THO1-83111 Touch Up Kit Banyon Bay Plantation 21.69
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