Holiday JOY Decor


Holiday “JOY” Decor


It’s time to deck the halls for the holidays!  If you are looking for a fun DIY project, we have an easy craft that will put you in the holiday spirit!

Get away from the hustle of the season and create a homemade craft that will make your holiday home extra special.  Traditional red holiday decorations are always in style, but this project can be customized by changing the colors and ribbon to match your festive color theme.  Maybe you need a gift for a friend or family member. Spread some holiday joy and gift this to someone special.  We have step-by-step instructions below for this easy project.  Let the fun begin!

JOY Pic 2 

What We Used:

  • Mohawk Tone Finish Toner Country French Red – M115-2147
  • Mohawk Cab Aerosol – Pearl White – M104-4444
  • Mohawk Break-A-Way Glaze – Burnt Umber – M155-1435
  • Mohawk High Performance Clear Acrylic Indoor/Outdoor Aerosol–Satin- M102-0040
  • Mohawk Ultra Mark Touch Up Marker– Rich Gold – M281-7702
  • Wooden round board – 18” diameter
  • Artificial evergreen branches - 2
  • Ribbon
  • Holiday ornament accent
  • Wooden letters - J O Y
  • Hot glue gun
  • Stapler
  • Cloth rag
  • Disposable gloves


Step 1:  Before you begin, prepare your work surface.  Aerosol stain can be very messy, so be sure to cover your work surface and wear disposable gloves.  Staining should be done in a well-ventilated room or outside.

Step 2:  Lay out the wooden letters on a covered work surface and spray with Mohawk Cab Aerosol in Pearl White (Item # M104-4444).  Spray several coats until you get the coverage you want to achieve, allowing dry time in between layers.  Be sure to spray the edges inside and out to get a finished look.

JOY Pic 3 JOY Pic 4


 Step 3:  Once the letters are dry, use the Mohawk Ultra Mark Touch Up Marker in Rich Gold (Item # M281-7702) and add accents by outlining the letters.  Allow to dry and seal with Mohawk High Performance Clear Acrylic Indoor/Outdoor Aerosol (Item # M102-0040).  Set letters aside.

JOY Pic 5    JOY Pic 6


Step 4:  Lay the round board on the covered surface and spray with Mohawk Tone Finish Toner in Country French Red (Item # M115-2147).  Use long sweeping sprays, allowing time to dry between layers until the board and edges are completely covered.

JOY Cardinal Red


Step 5:  After the board is dry, use Mohawk Break-a-Way Glaze in Burnt Umber (Item # M155-1435) and very lightly spray over the Cardinal Red color.  This step will give accent color to the red.  Once the Break-A-Way Glaze is applied it will dry to a chalky, powdered state.  Use light pressure with a clean, lint free cloth and remove excess, blending until you achieve the desired look.  Allow to dry 1 hour before sealing with Mohawk High Performance Clear Acrylic Indoor/Outdoor Aerosol (Item # M102-0040).

JOY Break A Way Glaze 


 Step 6:  Using both artificial evergreen branches, arrange to create a swag.  Hot glue the greenery onto the top of the round board, off-center.

 JOY Swag   JOY Gluing Swag


 Step 7:  Create the bow by making two opposing loops with the ribbon, and stapling in the center after each double loop.  Repeat the loops and staple until you have a full bow.

 JOY Making Bow


 Step 8:  Hot glue bow to the center of the greenery.  Hot glue holiday ornament accent to the center of the bow.

JOY Gluing Bow   JOY Gluing Ornament


 Step 9:  Finally, glue letters to the board below the greenery.

JOY finished board


We hope you have fun creating this easy Holiday project!

Happy Holidays!

Beth & Matt