Mohawk Finishing Products offers professional wood touch up and repair workshops to assist everyone from beginners to business owners.  Register on our site and learn how to repair furniture scratches and cabinet scratches, dents and much more.




“Sent a few of our team to take a wood touch up and repair course this week, love being able to send them to develop their skills and learn from amazing craftsmen. One thing I think I’m pretty good at is knowing how little I’m actually good at, when there are better suited/skilled people to learn from than myself that is always a great opportunity!”  - Dreamscape Painting


“The Mohawk workshop is a valuable experience for either the amateur or professional. Their instructor was able to provide technical advice to those of us in the class who were already familiar with restoring wood finishes. They also provide a well rounded kit for the laymen to begin his or her career in this craft. I would recommend their products and workshop to family and friends.”  - Jose C.


 Photos by Amanda R. @gnwsshop

“Last week scenic painters went to a workshop with @MohawkConsumer to learn more about finer wood work, specifically repairs and touchups. They are the industry leaders in wood finishing stuff used by cabinet & furniture makers, on floors, doors, and everything varnished/stained/polished- even leather & upholstery.

We learned how to deal with damaged or unusual woodwork/laminate/paint problems in installations and how to do higher quality work on jobs that involve clients or audience looking at things up close, like galleries or museums. We even did a color matching exercise, where we were mixing pigments ourselves in order to match colors. Our staff have done lots of color matching and finished before everyone else in the room. (GO TEAM!) We at GNW look forward to putting these new skills to work for our clients. Thanks for the wonderful workshop! “ - Great Northern Way Scene Shop


Classes will:

  • Familiarize you with common repair problems on an introductory level
  • Take you through repairs step by step using basic touch-up products
  • Show you how to reduce returns and re-orders while maintaining quality

Each person that attends a 1-Day Wood Repair class will take home a kit with over $800.00 worth of Mohawk Finishing products and a professional 2-part roller bag. 

Contact your representative for more details.

Mohawk Finishing Products offers training workshops at various locations nationwide. Our classes are designed to educate wood technicians on specific skills of their trade, including the best ways to repair scratches, dents and many other common damages seen in the industry.  Expert knowledge of finishing and repair or a related industry is not a prerequisite.  Mohawk will help you develop and hone your skills going forward.

At Mohawk, our instructors have years of experience in the repair trades, as well as many years of teaching experience. You'll find each one supportive and pleased to have the privilege of being your instructor. We will do everything possible to make our course pleasant and profitable for you, whether you are a beginner, planning to start a new career, or an old pro looking for a few new tricks. You can always ask one of Mohawk's experts a specific question; we're here to help however we can.

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