Hard Fill Tools

Hard Fill Tools

The Hard Fill Leveling Tool, M999-9990, has two components; the Leveling Tool used to remove excess wax and level Hard Fill and Hard Fill Plus repairs and the Scraper that has one edge designed for scraping and one edge designed to clean the teeth of the leveling tool.

The Hard Fill Replacement Scraper, M999-9992, is a replacement scraper for the Hard Fill Leveling Tool.

The Finish & Fill Scraper, M999-9995, is a metal tool with four cutting edges. This tool is designed to level the Hard Fill and Hard Fill Plus repairs and to remove finishes imperfections such as runs, sags, and dirt.

Product Information:

Hard Fill is designed to fill minor and medium defects in wood and rigid plastic. Use for repairs on tops, fronts, sides, doors, drawers and floors.

Hard Fill Plus is designed to be used when you need a higher melting point or more durability.



Hard Fill Leveling Tool




Scraper Only - Hard Fill Leveling Tool




Finish & Filler Scraper


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