OZ® Polish

OZ® Polish

OZ® Polish now offers

  • Antistatic agent for less dusting
  • Ultraviolet light absorber to protect the color of the wood
  • Lemon scent for a fresh, clean fragrance
  • Extended evaporation rate meaning larger pieces can be polished with greater ease
  • Lower VOC

The "all-in-one" furniture cream polish in an aerosol!  Cleans - polishes - protects.  It's safe! It's sure.  It's the easiest one step operation in the business.  OZ® Polish is really polishing magic.  Any smooth finish surface...furniture, tile, marble, cabinets, fixtures, chrome, etc.  You name it - it does it.  Non-abrasive, greaseless and quick drying.  Net Wt. 13 oz.


Oz® Polish Aerosol


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M107-0860 Oz® Polish Aerosol PDS SDS