Wil Pro™ Padding Finish

Wil Pro™ Padding Finish

The choice of the experts.  One of our most popular French finishes.  Super-fast dry.  May be coated with lacquer immediately  Lowest build-up of any French finish on the market.  The best finish for French polishing.  Use with Blendal® Powder Stains.  Excellent where clarity and minimum build-up are critical.  Ready to use; no oil or additives are required.  Very print resistant.  Used for removing packing marks and mars on fine furniture.  May be used on the very lightest of finishes with no discoloration.  Formulated especially for the professional touch-up artist.

Formulated for professional use. Not recommended for beginners.


Wil Pro™ Padding Finish Qt


SKU Product Name PDS SDS
M405-2006 Wil Pro™ Padding Finish Qt PDS SDS